Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Hard Times and Great Blessings: The Story of My Life" by Kenneth F. Worth

The essence of faith is continuing to choose to do what is right without the certainty of an earthly reward. It requires a firmness of conviction against the unknown. Kenneth Worth exhibits this quality.

In Hard Times and Great Blessings: The Story of My Life, the reader is transported to Worth's post-World War II era childhood where in a stunning flashback he relates his tragic past with two words: BANG! BANG! These two inexplicable shots fired by his mother silenced his parents forever.

Worth employs writing as a means to examine his life. The reader gains access to moments of lasting impact. It is interesting to note the events he chooses to highlight - the memories that he has carried across a lifetime. The ones he selected to record for posterity.

Worth recalls the mundane yet special moments that fill every life such as getting married, having children and earning a job promotion. It takes an individual with an acute sensitivity to realize the bigger picture behind the backdrop of this collage of everyday life. Every life has a fingerprint, no two are the same. There is something to be learned from every one.

Through writing, Worth illustrates an active faith. He does not doubt, but engages the reader into questioning the fundamental purpose of a life. Beneath the surface, questions are there but the ultimate answers remain illusive.

Later in life, illness strikes Worth. His golden years of retirement are filled with coping with a body assaulted by Parkinson's Disease. It is not the situation he imagined for himself. Yet as his physical abilities decline, his mental and spiritual capacities sharpen. He has known all along that life is not fair. Yet he has come to the realization that it can be examined and shared with others.

Does a life come full circle? Does the constant cycle of change lead to a final culminating point? Worth is still examining these primal issues. He has taken the first introspective step with this book. However, his spiritual journey continues.

Hard Times and Great Blessings: The Story of My Life by Kenneth F. Worth is available for $12.95 at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

A complimentary review copy was provided by Kenneth F. Worth.


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