Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"On Berryhill Road" by Tommie Lyn

Fallon McKniere is a character you can't help rooting for. She's a member of America's working poor. Employed as a convenience store clerk, she can barely afford the rent on the rundown trailer she shares with her mentally ill mother. In order to put food on the table, she salvages items past their expiration dates from the store's dumpster. Her malnourishment is plainly evident on her already petite stature. However, beneath the fragile exterior is a girl determined to survive.

How did Fallon find herself in such dire straits? When she was 6-years-old, her father allegedly committed suicide. The Navy discovered he was embezzling money from weapon sales when an audit uncovered his incriminating signature on pertinent documents. He took his life on a piece of property he supposedly purchased with the tainted money. Located on Berryhill Road, the land was intended to be the site of the McKniere's future home.

The disgraceful actions of her father made Fallon and her mother outcasts in their small Florida town. Fallon's mother could not find decent work and fell into a deep depression refusing to leave their tiny trailer. Fallon was labeled an outcast and ended up dropping out of high school. While her mother drifted into a child-like state, Fallon shouldered the burden of trying to make ends meet.

Donovan Pfarr, an airplane mechanic at the local Navy base, finds his life upended when he discovers his blond bombshell of a wife in bed with his friend. After filing for divorce, he succumbs to drink and despair. However, a random act of kindness by Fallon knocks him out of his self-absorption. Working the night shift at the store, Fallon - who has nothing - pays for Donovan's purchase when he realizes he has left his money at home. By doing so, Fallon is brought to the forefront of Donovan's consciousness.

He is the first person in a long time to take notice of Fallon, a girl living in a state of social isolation.
At first out of gratitude, he makes the effort to get to know her. He admires her strength of character, however, her pitiable physical condition worries him. He decides to ask her out with the sole intention of providing her with something to eat. Yet when these two broken people come together, they end up making each other whole.

During this time, Fallon receives a letter informing her that a trust has been established in her name by an anonymous donor. Ten thousand dollars is wired into her bank account. Suspicious of the money and not willing to accept charity, Fallon does not touch her unexpected windfall, even when Donovan tries to convince her otherwise.

Just as Donovan and Fallon are falling in love, Donovan's ex-wife returns to re-stake her claim. Fallon's mother is taken to the hospital by intervening paramedics when she barricades herself in her bedroom. While a man connected to the demise of Fallon's father returns to town with a murderous intent.

As Tommie Lyn week continues at Tribute Books Reviews, I am continually impressed with the talent of this self-published author. I am an avid reader, and Lyn's stories are addicting. You can't put her books down. She creates likable, realistic characters whose morality is put to the test - whether it be by the temptation of desire, refusing help when it is needed or neglecting one's duty for selfish pursuits.

There are only a few minor flaws with On Berryhill Road. The ending is a bit rushed. I realize that suspense novels are fast-paced, but I would have liked the concluding chapters to have been fleshed out a bit more. Also for the cover of the book, I would have preferred a more realistic image of Fallon. This is NOT a cheesy romance novel, and the cover doesn't portray the depth of feeling that the narrative possesses. I would not want it to deter a potential reader from picking it up based on a superficial judgment of the cover image.

Overall, Tommie Lyn captures the determined struggle of the working poor through the poignant heart of Fallon McKniere.

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  1. I have to agree. TommieLyn is a must-read author. I read As Night Falls in one sitting and am looking forward to Berryhill Road.

    TR Baker

  2. I enjoyed "As Night Falls" so much, I'm roped in the reading Berryhill Road. What makes Tommie Lyn's work so compelling to me because of her ability to draw from her Southern culture and traditional upbringing to create people I know! The people I grew up with weren't put in some of the awful and challenging situations Tommie Lyn puts them in, but I see the "Steel Magnolia" character and strength that runs through my own family. Her likable characters quickly become like friends and you just can't leave while a friend is in jeopardy!

  3. Sounds great! I look forward to reading this!

  4. Great review! Tommie Lyn is a talented writer and I look forward to reading any future novels she writes. Lisa

  5. Thanks for introducing me to this writer. I enjoyed the review!