Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Tugger's Down" by Tommie Lyn

If only Ouija boards didn't hold such a fascination over teenage girls. If only they knew what truly lurked beneath their sliding fingertips. They would think twice before summoning a power beyond their reckoning. A power with the ability to kill.

In Tommie Lyn's Tugger's Down, Tiffani and Olivia awaken a demonic entity on their grandmother's Ouija board - it kills Olivia while attempting to infiltrate the baby in her womb. The baby, Tugger, survives to be constantly plagued by the demon who continually assaults the boy for control of his soul.

At age three, Tugger is at the point of complete physical deterioration. His emotionally detached grandmother sends him along with his nanny to live with his Aunt Regina and her family in Florida. Escaping from the proximity of the demon's hold, Tugger begins to flourish in his new surroundings especially when he meets Lacey.

Lacey is a struggling college student. Raised in a Christian group home, religious values are an essential part of her character. Now living on her own, she tries to make ends meet working at a jewelry kiosk in the mall. It's not until she meets fellow student Porter O'Brien (who happens to be Regina's brother-in-law) that she begins to let down her guard.

One problem - Porter has a notorious past as a ladies man. When Lacey initially rebuffs his advances, he turns his attention to another classmate, Jennie. This proves to be a major error in Porter's calculations when his interest in Lacey turns into an undeniable attraction. Lacey finds herself falling for Porter when he takes a genuine interest in her - repairing her car, buying her lunch and driving her to work. However, Jennie sews seeds of distrust in Lacey's mind in regards to Porter's fidelity. Just when Lacey begins to rely on Porter, she doesn't know whether to pursue the relationship or withdraw before Porter can hurt her.

In the meantime, the demon continues to pursue Tugger. When Tiffani and her sister, Heather, once again use the Ouija board, the demon takes over Heather's body and kills Tiffani. Traveling to Regina's home in Florida, a final showdown occurs. Only Lacey and Porter stand between Tugger and the demon's wrath.

Tommie Lyn is a master at creating realistic characters. Characters that readers care about. Her talent is apparent in fleshing out their personalities with believable details. Tugger's internal struggle with the demon is depicted by his nanny having to relax his clenched toes in order to put on his socks. Porter's issues with the harsh Navy discipline of his father illustrate the root cause of his teenage rebellion. Lacey's abandonment by her mother taught her to push people away instead of allowing anyone to get close enough to hurt her. The emotional detachment of Tugger's grandmother derives from her familial connection to a woman convicted in the Salem witch trials. The characters are multi-dimensional with relationships that are imperfect yet real.

Overall, this is a supernatural thriller with a whole lot of heart.

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  1. I had trouble understanding in the description if this is about a three year old child?

  2. I think I would like this book a lot. Thank you for the entry.


  3. Dear Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.,

    Tugger, a 3-year-old child, is one of the main characters in the novel.


  4. Oooh! Gives me shivers. Sounds like just the sort of book I would like to read. Great review, Nicole.

    katie hines

  5. Upon reading the review, it appears that the young, hormone-bedeviled characters (Lacey, Porter, and Jennie) create most of the tension in the story. Does the demon have a name?

  6. Hi,

    Tugger refers to the demon as "Nudger" since the demon is constantly trying to pry into his soul, but the boy keeps shutting him out - but not without a fight.


  7. sounds different


  8. I've really enjoyed Tommi Lyn's previous books. She is an excellent storyteller.

  9. Alexa Nernberg

    "Tugger's Down" sounds like it might be a little spooky, but that's okay, I'm up for the challenge. I would like to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  10. This is exactly the kind of book I am looking for. I love these kind of books.

  11. This book sounds interesting.

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