Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Voices of the Children: A Poetic Exposé" by Lenora Trice

Child abuse is an uncomfortable topic. It happens behind closed doors, yet becomes visible through a bruised arm or a cigarette-burned back. Sometimes it is brought to a mandated end in a hospital or courtroom. Otherwise, finality is often reached at the grave.

Most poetry celebrates the romantic experience of love, or it takes a philosophical bent pondering the meaning of existence. What inspired the verses of poet Lenora Trice is the violence afflicted upon the youngest members of society in Voices of the Children: A Poetic Exposé. The poems are not based on actual abuse cases, but the details are so true to life they can likely be found in the headlines of any newspaper across the country.

Trice describes her writing process as a empathetic catharsis. She delves deep to her emotional core in order to connect with the victims' pain. A mother employs her daughter as a prostitute to pay for her drug habit. Parents starve their child to death. A babysitter smothers the baby in her care. A girl is lured to a secluded spot by a molester. The situations are imagined, but the gut reaction Trice causes the reader to experience is real.  Horror. Shock. Pity. Disgust. Sympathy. Anger. The intensity of feeling is inescapable.

A mother beats her daughter to death. 

When I began to cry, she hit me hard once more
With her pointed toe shoes, she kicked me several times
- "A Matter of Time"

A mother ignores the sexual abuse committed by her husband. 

There is one thing, mommy
That I don't understand
Why didn't you notice the blood
On my panties and even in my bed?
If you did notice, mommy, why was nothing ever said?
- "Mommy, Why?"

A father slams the head of his screaming infant into the wall. 

You see, my face was unrecognizable
Because much of it was forced back into my head
- "He Didn't Love Me"

Why does Trice write of such unspeakable horrors? The answer is found in the opening lines of her poem "Nobody Listened:"

It's too late for me, but maybe not for you.

Overall, this is a poetry collection that addresses the societal taboo of child abuse in order to raise awareness on how it can be prevented.

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  1. Wow! This sounds like such a powerful collection. I would love to read it. I applaud this poet for giving the children a voice.



  2. wow this is a beautifully written piece. It hits close to home for all of us.

  3. This is powerful! Reading this brings back personal memories of abuse. I would love to read the rest of the book. It gave me a feeling that somebody understands and is listening. Now as an adult, these words were so close to home, it gave me a sense of closure from the past and hope for the children still going through. The poet words can be healing for those recovering from abuse as well. Thanks for speaking on behalf of the children.


  4. Lenora has hit upon a very timely and very inspiring subject. Would enjoy reading all of her book as she is a very gifted writer and a very inspirational person. Keep up the good work girl and look forward to your next book.

  5. After reading the excerpts from Lenora's book, I was very impressed with her ability to delve to the heart of child abuse. This book should make people weep and wonder why our society
    does not do more to stop this atrocity to our innocent babies. Thank you, Lenora, for bringing to the front a subject shielded from
    the public in far too many instances!

  6. Lonnie said....

    I have only read a portion of this book and what I have read so far should have a traumatic effect upon those agencies that claims they care. I realize and understand that some parents are irresponsible in their decisions, but the child should never be the whipping board. Some of the government agencies dealing with child care and placements are no better than those irresponsible parents. So if someone is out there reading Ms. Trice’s book and it had an affect upon you, then step forward and get involved. Give the children another voice..

  7. Thank you, Nicole, for such a powerful review. Your review and the comments of others only confirms what I already know and that is God wants me to be a voice for the children. Again, thank you and God bless!

  8. What a wonderful thing that you have been able to do with the words that you have put onto paper. That you are able to help others who have suffered from pain that they have carried around for years is truly a gift of healing. Your spirit in these writings can be a healing ministry to those who other wise may have never found closure. You have given the voice of the innocent child words to speak with that will hopefully educate and make the abusers bring this type of abuse to a end. May God continue to bless you with this gift.

  9. What a great giveaway. Thank you for addressing such a serious issue in an artistic and meaningful way.