Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tommie Lyn "High on a Mountain" Review & Giveaway

Suspense novelist, Tommie Lyn enters the historical fiction genre with her latest release, High on a Mountain. She delves into her ancestral roots setting the story in 18th century Scotland. The protagonist, Ailean MacLachlan, is a young man desperate to make a name for himself as a warrior before he locks eyes with the red-haired shepherdess, Muirne. While love conquers ambition, Ailean, as a new husband, remains restless.

His refuge is being high on a mountain where he "surveyed the land below like a king on a throne." Yet Ailean's father warns him about the danger of clinging to fantasies telling his son, "It looks beautiful from up here on the mountain, but you must remember that your life is lived down there in the glen. And sometimes, life isn't so lovely when you're in the midst of it."

Scottish battle scenes are reminiscent of Braveheart.

Death and sacrifice are inseparably linked with glory in the life of a warrior - a heartbreaking lesson Ailean comes to learn firsthand. A runner carrying a fiery cross summons the members of Clan MacLachlan to fight for the deposed Scottish heir, Prince Charles Edward Stuart. The clan suffers heavy losses at home and on the battlefield thanks in part to traitors such as Ailean's arch rival, Latharn Cambeul. As boys they battled playing the Scottish game, camanachd; as young men they fought for the heart of Muirne and as warriors they each seek the death of the other. Yet it is Ailean's words to Muirne that ultimately shatter his soul, "If I hadn't married you, I'd be free to do my duty without worries. I wouldn't have become this ... this half way warrior."

Ailean's trip to America is similar to the Amistad.

There is a climatic Native American waterfall scene like The Last of the Mohicans.

Part II takes place in the New World when Ailean is sold into slavery. After a harrowing journey, he arrives at a South Carolina rice plantation. He escapes into the northern mountains residing with a tribe of Native Americans (also a nod to the author's heritage). After employing his camanachd skills during a similar native game, he wins the respect of the people. A tribeswoman named Kutahyah guides Ailean to the summit of a nearby waterfall where he is once again able to find a lofty place where he can think clearly. It is on this precipice that he is forced to confront his pent-up guilt over Muirne and the blood lust of Latharn's revenge.

Overall, historical fiction readers will welcome Tommie Lyn's entry into the genre with the traditional Scottish greeting "Hello, the house!"

High on a Mountain by Tommie Lyn is available for $15.99 at and at

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