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LM Preston - 'The Pack' - Review, Giveaway & Launch Party

LM Preston is back with a vengeance with her second young adult novel, The Pack. The action-packed drama takes place on a colonized Mars where children are disappearing at an alarming rate. But the kidnappings are not random. The perpetrators are targeting the sons and daughters of the planet's security force. Their goal is to create chaos on a global scale in order for their illegal drug trade to flourish. The children are merely pawns in an intergalactic game. Until they take Shamira's brother, David.

Shamira is a teenage girl whose adolescence is super-charged. She is longing for a perfect first kiss.
She is a techo-geek with exceptional computer hacking skills. A botched childhood medical procedure fuels an intense inner rage providing her with extraordinary fighting abilities. And her parents are both members of the security force, thereby placing a bulls-eye squarely on her back.

Being blind, it would seem that Shamira is an easy mark. But make no mistake, she does not think of herself as anyone's victim. She is a lethal force similar to Ben Affleck's visually impaired hero in Daredevil. Her other senses are magnified. She can hear an individual by the sound of their approaching footsteps. She can hone in on a person's unique scent. She can feel the slightest change in temperature through her skin. She uses her disability to lure enemies into a false sense of superiority. Shamira always fought her own battles - some of which she even created because she hungered to fight. There was an urge inside her, something she barely controlled. She thought to herself, I may be blind, but I'm definitely not helpless.

That is until she meets Valens, a dead ringer for a curly-haired Justin Timberlake. He tries to save her from an attack that ironically she orchestrated. Her frustration is evident, but there is no denying their mutual attraction. Shamira doesn't want his pity, but little does she know that she has secured his admiration. As an outcast, Shamira isn't good at letting people in, but Valens is determined to breach her defenses. What ultimately brings them closer together is their common goal to find the missing children whose number includes their own siblings.

Like Bella and Jacob in the Twilight saga, they favor motorcycles to follow leads throughout the decrepit underbelly of Mars society. They join forces with other teens who are victims or recent escapees of the underground crime organization, Monev (venom spelled backwards, indicative of their lucrative narcotics dealings). To topple the power structure from within, they form a pack of informants, freedom fighters and jailbreakers.

After a trip to Earth, Shamira returns to the fight physically changed. Yet her transformation doesn't ease her insecurities. Figures he'd be after the double-Ds just like every other guy. Shamira's fists balled up. She took a deep breath and reminded herself again that he wasn't hers. This is dangerous. Kids have never accepted me before. Why should now be any different? She pushed away that false feeling of hope, of true friendship, something she had always looked for when she was younger. The friendship she had tried to give many times as a younger child was only thrown back in her face and used to make her the butt of their jokes. Her younger years of hope had been torn to shreds when her friendship was used for trickery. It caused her power to be revealed and become harder for her to control. She had almost crippled a kid with her strength, a kid that almost killed her as a joke. That was behind her now, and it was a lesson she would always remember. It was this lesson that would keep Valens and this group of misfit kids away from her. She would never give her trust to another; they always used it against her.

Preston creates technology rich in detail. Generators pump fresh oxygen into the air. Holograms relay messages. Bejeweled rings serve as tracking devices. Skin-tight suits offer protection from firepower and the poison of laser shots. Motorcycles are named like pets and obey verbal commands.

Preston's writing includes violence, swearing and sexual innuendo. Teenagers will find these themes commonplace in most entertainment media, but parents should be advised that this book may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Overall, The Pack reinforces the adage - never underestimate an underdog.

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Also by LM Preston: Explorer X-Alpha.

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Any time books equal fun - count me in!

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I've read Explorer X-Alpha. Following is an excerpt from my review: First time novelist L.M. Preston succeeds in writing a book boys will want to read. Not an easy task when 12-year-olds are more captivated by a flashing screen than a stationary page. But Explorer X-Alpha primes its audience for an action-filled look at space camp in the year 2080.

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For Tribute Books, I'm working on promoting Thumbing Through Thoreau: A Book of Quotations by Henry David Thoreau by Kenny Luck (

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For Tribute Books, Kenny Luck will have a book signing at the Shop at Walden Pond in Concord, MA ( for Thumbing Through Thoreau on July 10. Karina Fabian will be attending the Catholic Writers Conference ( in Valley Forge, PA on August 4-6.

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  1. The Pack sounds like a great book. It's not a genre I typically read, but I like what I've read so far.

    There are several books on your site that interest me, but I would really like Industrial Pioneers. I'm a big history buff and I like that era.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  2. I would like to read Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life

  3. Second Chance is the title, that most interests me.