Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Becca Fitzpatrick - Silence - Review

An angel gets his wings torn off. By choice. And that's only the first couple of pages of Silence, the third book in Becca Fitzpatrick's best selling Hush, Hush series. And we're not just talking about any angel. It's Patch. The ripped abs, tousled hair celestial being beloved by fan girls (and women) everywhere. He sacrifices himself in order to rescue his human girlfriend, Nora, from the diabolical clutches of her Nephilim father, Hank. One problem. While granting her release, Hank erases five months of his daughter's memory - essentially every moment that she ever spent with Patch. That's some serious parental interference when it comes to teenage romance.

As Nora struggles to find her way through the haze of amnesia, she begins seeing flashes of black while experiencing a rush of intense longing. She's also transported into visions of a female archangel caged in a warehouse suffering torture at the hands of Hank. Yet she only knows Hank as the father of her lifelong nemesis, Marcie and now the unexpected new boyfriend of her widowed mother. She doesn't want him in her life, and now she has a reason to suspect he is capable of even greater treachery. If she only knew.

Her best friend, Vee, along with her mother, conspire to keep any reference of Patch out of Nora's life. Yet her innate yearning to connect with her soul mate allows her to find him in her dreams, and in a twist of fate, at the scene of a 7-11 robbery. As they unexpectedly come face-to-face, Nora senses he is someone who means a great deal to her. Patch provides her with the alias, Jev, and tries to fly under her radar until she is launched into a flashback by accidentally touching the wing scars on his back. Patch can't keep his true identity secret for long, no matter how much he longs to protect Nora from the corrupt bargain he made with her father. However, when Hank breaks his word by infiltrating Nora's life, all bets are off.

Key characters make noteworthy appearances. Scott Parnell is on the run from Hank and his Nephilim army. He seeks Nora's help by climbing through her bedroom window in the middle of the night angling an invitation as her date to the upcoming homecoming dance. Detective Basso is the first to discover Nora wandering in a cemetery months after her abduction, although she faints when he approaches her. Marcie Millar is no stranger to making Nora's life a living hell, but while acting as Hank's puppet she attempts to form an alliance with Nora even taking her dress shopping.

But in Silence, the spotlight remains on the deepening relationship of Patch and Nora. For the first time, Patch is solidly committed to making it work with Nora despite the odds. He has made the decision that she is his destiny and he will let nothing stand in the way of their love for each other. He has gone from a boy's passing interest to a man's fully developed attachment to the woman he loves. For Nora's sake, it's about time. Patch has finally realized the full breadth of his feelings for her. Her patience has paid off. While they still don't consummate their relationship by book's end, they come awfully close. While Patch is more than willing, he respects Nora's decision not to complicate her life any further after she undergoes a life-altering transformation propagated by Hank. She's not the same girl she was in Hush, Hush or Crescendo. In Silence, Nora becomes a new being altogether.

Overall, an angel loses his wings finally proving the devotion of his love.

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick is available for $18.99 at Amazon.com and at BeccaFitzpatrick.com.

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  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee I loved this book! omg I squeed at the end, I squeed every time Patch said something that made me nearly swoon :P ♥♥♥ and there's a fourth book right?? AHHHHHHH!!!!! *screams* :D

    1. I'm so glad that you got to read it - I just knew you'd enjoy it :)

      And yes, there's going to be a fourth book - can't wait!