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P.H.C. Marchesi - Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes - Guest Post

My thanks to P.H.C. Marchesi for stopping by Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways for a guest post about her book, Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes.

Guest Post

"Sci-Fi Imaginings: The Moon and Why I Write Sci-Fi for Teens"
by P.H.C. Marchesi

A few weeks ago was “Observe the Moon” night, which meant that people all over the world – from amateur sky-watchers to knowledgeable astronomers – were united by their interest in, and love of, the cosmos. I don’t know how many of these space lovers will become “sky-walkers,” and actually have the privilege of visiting space. Just the act of looking up at the night sky, however, reminds me of the vastness and beauty of the universe around us. It connects us with all of those who’ve done the same thing in the past, as well as future generations who will be looking up to the sky with a similar sense of wonder. It does not matter how much you know about planets, suns, stars, and galaxies: when you direct your gaze to the night sky, you feel wonder because a part of you connects with the immensity of everything out there.

So I caught myself thinking about the night sky – and how, long before I wanted to become a writer, I wanted to explore it. As a kid, I was obsessed with space. I wrote a letter to NASA, asking what I had to do to become an astronaut. I watched every sci-fi TV show I could, and explored space with my favorite heroes. I daydreamed constantly about my intergalactic adventures. My favorite cinematic moment was Elliott and E.T.’s bike ride in the sky against the giant moon in the background. To this day, I still have goose bumps whenever I watch the scene. To this day, the beauty of the moon still inspires me to think about our place in the universe.

As you’ve probably guessed, I never became an astronaut. My space journeys have all been in my mind, created from the space within. Yet they have been no less adventurous or meaningful to me, and have eventually found their way into my debut young adult novel, Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes. I hope you will be encouraged to read it, and join me in celebrating its key elements: courage, exploration of the unknown, and the overall beauty of the universe.

About the Book
Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes

Book Details:
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Publisher: Out-of-This-World Books
Publication Date: January 2011
Pages: 386
Format: Paperback, ebook
Price: $14.99 paperback, $0.99 ebook
Buy Link:
Amazon, Kindle

Who would want to have tea with mushrooms, when it’s a hundred degrees and humid out? As Shelby and Shauna Kitt find out, quite a few people. These are, of course, people from Miriax, a planet in a different dimension where nothing and no one is anything like what the thirteen year-old brother and sister twins expect. On Miriax, lilac tea is served with explosive mushrooms, agitex leaves cure motion sickness, stick insects patrol the jungle, and library books carefully choose their readers, refusing to leave the shelf for anyone else. And, if you’re not careful, the walls spit on you.

Shelby and Shauna's lives change drastically when planet Miriax recruits them to seal a dimensional hole that allows Klodians - nasty aliens - to travel to Earth. In order to succeed in their mission, Shelby and Shauna discover skills they never thought they possessed, make friends they never expected to have, and face enemies they never imagined existed.

About the Author
P.H.C. Marchesi

P.H.C. Marchesi has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Colorado at Boulder and teaches at Northern Arizona University. She has lived in many different countries and experienced several cultures. These experiences shaped the world of Miriax she created in Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes, her debut sci-fi novel that teens and adults alike will enjoy. She is currently working on the sequel

Connect with P.H.C.:
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"I gulped this book down in one sitting. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Marina and what was really going on with Dale Falconbridge. I’ll be keeping this book on my kindle to read again, and hope that Shelby and Shauna Kitt will be going on further adventures. Highly recommended." Starships and Aliens

"Marchesi is a phenomenal storyteller, roping the reader into this wonderful tale of other dimensions and species. Though the story revolves around two thirteen-year-old protagonists, I’d have to say that this is a book for everyone. Parents can read it to their children, MG and YA readers will eat it up, and adults will enjoy the premise, themes, and overall fun this book has to offer." A Book Vacation

"I’m not too sure where to start the review because this book was, literally, out of this world! I’m not normally interested in science-fiction, but the concept is so original, unique and intricate that it was hard for me not to get swept away." A Life Between Pages

"I do not read a large amount of science fiction, but Shelby and Shauna Kitt and the Dimensional Holes may change that for me. The characters are realistic and engaging. The setting is magical--I want to take a trip to Miriax. The story drew me in and kept me guessing until the last page. I hope there is more to come for Shelby, Shauna, Jit, Vanessa, Marian and Lendox because I very much want to see them all again." The Book Addict

"Not only did I love this book, I couldn't put this book down. P.H.C. Marchesi has created a whole other universe, a place where you can get lost in forever." The Book Blog Experience

"Marchesi combines magical genius and some science and take us on a ride with these young characters. Young adults and adults will love the story alike. A great read to devour this summer." The Pen & Muse Book Reviews

"[. . .] this is a really fun read that has adventure, humor and a few hidden messages about the power of positivity that are worth considering. While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I suspect that the intended audience (MG) will enjoy it even more!" A Reader's Ramblings

"I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and fantasy. . .It was very entertaining and I didn't want to put it down until I finished it." 13-year-old Ben Weldon, Reader Views Kids

"The plot was a complicated web that spanned across several dimensions and had me flipping pages until the end. With wacky characters being introduced along the way, Shelby and Shauna Kitt went on an adventure to save Earth. Answers to the mysteries surrounding both the characters and the many dimensions are slowly revealed. I really enjoyed the white-knuckle part of their adventure. My younger brother is reading this soon and I have a feeling he is going to love it." A Reading Vacation

"A few friends and I started an indie ebook book club and this was one of the first one's we read together. We chose this book because we noticed the author had a PhD in English. We figured it had to at least be well-written. And it was!

I loved the special powers that Shelby and shauna have. I found myself wishing I could manipulate gravity to make myself lighter. ;) . . . we all really loved this book. We can't wait for the sequel. :)"

"It is so unusual to find a 'different' book these days. No wizards or Quidditch games, but this book as its shares of heros and super characters in a TOTALLY different way. A must read for teenagers and even adults." -

"I read the book on my Kindle on my trip to Europe. It was such a good read! I had a hard time putting it down, some nights, by 2:30 am I had to force myself to close it and go to sleep!" -

"P.H.C. Marchesi has created a company of intriguing characters who are called to battle the Ancient Evil of the universe [. . .] P.H.C. Marchesi's masterful use of the English language draws your imagination into fascinating new worlds and characters. A story that is worth reading more than once." - Fran Zech


  1. wow, what a lot of fantastic reviews.

  2. Great post! Your opening there really had me gazing at the stars (well, in my mind...I'm in a window-less office as I write this... ^_^). Oh, I remember that scene in E.T.! It was wondermous. Although you haven't lived out your space dreams (yet...hey, you never know!), you certainly put that inquisitive mind to good use. ^_^ Curious sounding book indeed....thanks for the share!

  3. That E.T. image is iconic, isn't it? :)

  4. Seeing my daughter get excited about seeing the moon almost every night has made me appreciate the night sky more and more. I cannot look up at the sky without a smile because I think of her. It has also made the nights of the new moon or when the moon is not visible until late at night sad for me. I miss the opportunity to smile.


  5. What a beautiful sentiment, Shanan.