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Lin Brooks - Where The Greener Grass Grows - Author Interview

My thanks to Lin Brooks for stopping by Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways for an author interview about her book, Where The Greener Grass Grows.

Author Interview

1. How did you come up with the title?
The book is about two women who each wish they were living the other’s life. So it seemed perfect to name the book “Where the Greener Grass Grows,” because each of the characters gets the chance to be on the other side of the fence, where the grass is always greener.

2. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Absolutely. People tend to look at other people’s lives and totally miss the blessings they have in their own. The book is about relationships--between friends, between mothers and daughters, between women and men. I hope readers will see how mothers raise daughters that are just like themselves, how friends can see the extraordinary in another’s life when all the other can see is the ordinary, and how relationships between men and women can be a source of great joy, as long as both make an effort to keep appreciate what they have.

3. How much of the book is realistic?
The book is totally realistic. The story could be your neighbor, your best friend, even you!

4. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?
I don’t think so. It took me a couple of years and many drafts to give birth to this book. And like most mothers, I think the baby is absolutely perfect…..

5. What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The rewrites. Seriously. I had a really good editor, so the book I started with and the book I finished were completely different. It was worth it, but oh boy, it was a long process. There is nothing quite like getting a red-inked version of a manuscript you have already rewritten three times, only to find that the editor wants you to completely restructure the whole thing. It’s easier to write a new story than it is to rewrite one that you already thought was “finished.”

6. Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Oh, sure. There is a lot of me in this book. I started with a little personal experience, and the book just kind of grew from there. I saw the moral of the story developing and realized that it applied to me, too. I spend a lot of time working towards goals (A LOT of time!), and if I’m not really careful, I miss what’s going on right now.

7. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I’m an attorney. I started my practice many years ago writing lots and lots of legal briefs on minute little legal issues that had to be supported with dozens of citations to court cases. I get a little bit of a charge out of writing a good argument, but it can be very limiting. I wanted to write something that I could control…or not. I wanted to write something that didn’t have rules. At first, I told myself I couldn’t do it. I’m not creative, I thought. I can’t make things up. I can describe, argue and draw conclusions, but not create a plot that can flow naturally from one point to another, that makes sense and that’s even mildly entertaining. That’s a tall order. But what I found was that, once I breathed life into the characters, they kind of took over and wrote the book for me. I just sat back with my fingers on the keyboard and let them drive.

8. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
Believe it or not, my favorite author of all time is Stephen King, which is so far from women’s fiction it’s not even funny. But Stephen King is an amazing story teller. He can spend pages setting things up and then *poof* yank it right out from under you with a cliffhanger at the end of the chapter that just dares you to close the book and go to bed. Who cares if it’s 3am? There’s a story to be told here.

9. Tell us your latest news.
I just got married to the sweetest guy on the planet (yay, me!). I love being a newlywed.

10. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
I’m getting ready to release my next book, Southern Exposure, on IsoLibris Publishing soon. Check out their website at for the latest. Happy reading!

About the Book
Where The Greener Grass Grows

Book Details:
Genre: Women's Fiction

Publisher: IsoLibris
Publication Date: August 2011
Format: ebook
Price: $3.99
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Sending the children off to college is never easy. For Lacey Marchand and Cara Myers, an empty nest is enough to drive them a little crazy -- but sometimes, a little crazy is just what the doctor ordered.

Now that their daughters have left for college, Lacey and Cara have too much time on their hands. With nothing else to do, Cara decides to help single-mom Lacey get a life. And what better way to get a life than a few blind dates?

Lacey, however, can't think of a worse way to spend her weekends. She has her own ideas for curing their empty nest problems -- Cara needs a new career. And a career just happens to be what Lacey understands best.

For Cara and Lacey, coping with the empty nest means reinventing their lives without losing their sanity. Where the Greener Grass Grows is the story of two mothers learning to live, to laugh and to let go.

About the Author
Lin Brooks

Lin Brooks is a lifelong Southern girl who lives in Mobile, Alabama with her family. Lin is a home improvement enthusiast and an avid reader with a bucket list that includes visiting Australia, running a marathon and trying every kind of margarita ever made.

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