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Anne Brear - To Take Her Pride - Guest Post

My thanks to Anne Brear for stopping by Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways for a guest post about her book, To Take Her Pride.

Guest Post
Bringing the Past to Life

Being a descendant from Yorkshire parents, my books are mostly set in Yorkshire, England.
Some of the places in Yorkshire that I have set my books are York, Gargrave, Hebden Bridge and Leeds.

York is one place where I have set a couple of my books. My latest book, To Take Her Pride is also set in York.

York is a city in North Yorkshire, England. It is located at the confluence of the River Ouse with the River Foss. With a history spanning two thousand years, York is a city rich in history and heritage.

Below are a few pictures taken of York in recent months of the cobbled streets of York and York Minster.

Traditional Yorkshire Pudding recipe

We had Yorkshire puddings every Sunday when I was growing up. It accompanied a full roast lamb dinner.

Equipment and preparation:

You will need a solid roasting tin measuring 28x23cm/11x9in.


• 175g/6oz plain flour
• 2 eggs
• 175ml/6fl oz milk (whole or semi-skimmed)
• 110ml/4fl oz water
• 2 tbsp beef dripping
• salt and freshly milled black pepper

Preparation method:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7.

2. Begin by placing a sieve over a large mixing bowl, then sift the flour in, holding the sieve up high to give the flour a good airing as it goes down into the bowl. Now, with the back of a tablespoon, make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs into it. Add the salt and pepper.

3. Now measure the milk and water into a measuring jug. Then begin to whisk the eggs with an electric whisk and as you beat them the flour around the edges will be slowly incorporated. When the mixture becomes stiff simply add the milk and water mixture gradually, keeping the whisk going. Stop and scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula so that any lumps can be pushed down into the batter, then whisk again till all is smooth. Now the batter is ready for use and although it's been rumoured that batter left to stand is better, I have found no foundation for this - so just make it whenever is convenient.

4. To cook the Yorkshire pudding, remove the meat from the oven (or if it's not ready place it on a lower shelf) and turn the oven up to the above temperature. Spoon two tablespoons of beef fat into the roasting tin and allow it to pre-heat in the oven. When the oven is up to temperature remove the tin, using an oven glove, and place it over direct heat (turned to medium). Then, when the fat begins to shimmer and smoke a little, pour in the batter. Tip it evenly all round and then place the tin on a high shelf in the oven and cook the Yorkshire pudding for 40 minutes or until golden brown and crisp. Serve it cut into squares presto pronto.

My latest historical novel release, To Take Her Pride, is set late in the Victorian era of England. To Take Her Pride is available March 8, 2012 in paperback and soon in ebook from all normal stockists such as Amazon.

About the Book
To Take Her Pride

Book Details:
Genre: Historical Romance

Publisher: Knox Robinson Publishing
Publication Date: March 8, 2012
Format: Paperback
Price: $15.99
Buy Link:

1898 Yorkshire - Aurora Pettigrew has it all, a loving family, a nice home, a comfortable life. She’s waiting for the right man to offer her marriage, and the man for her is Reid Sinclair, heir to the Sinclair fortune and the love of her life. But, Reid’s mother, Julia, is against the match and her ruthlessness unearths a family secret that will tear Aurora’s world apart. Unwilling to bring shame on her family and needing answers to the allegations brought to light by Reid’s mother, Aurora begins a long journey away from home. She leaves behind all that is familiar and safe to enter a world of mean streets and poor working class. Living in the tenements of York, surrounded by people of a class she’d never mixed with before, Aurora struggles to come to terms with the way her life has changed. By chance, she reconnects with a man from her past and before he leaves with the army to war in South Africa, he offers her security through marriage. Aurora knows she should be happy, but the memory of her love for Reid threatens her future. When tragedy strikes, can Aurora find the strength to accept her life and forget the past?

About the Author
Anne Brear

Born to Yorkshire parents, Anne Brear loves history and the beauty of England. She is a keen genealogist and one of her greatest loves, apart from her family, is creating exciting fiction characters.

Connect with Anne
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