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Debbie Viggiano - Flings and Arrows - Guest Post & Giveaway

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Debbie Viggiano for stopping by Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways for a guest post about her book, Flings and Arrows.


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Guest Post

I love my new novel, Flings and Arrows, because the story unfolds at the start of summer when flowers are blooming and romances blossoming.

Here in the UK, Spring has sprung. Blossom is already bursting forth. The weather makes me want to spend all my free time in the garden. However, following a recent operation and being unable to lift my steamroller of a lawnmower, my hubby said he’d take care of the lawn. I was a bit twitchy about this. The garden is my domain after all and I like the lawn to have that manicured look. My husband assured me it wasn’t a problem, so I left him to it and set about digging over a flowerbed and planting 180 mixed bulbs.

One hour later I’d finished planting. My other half had long since disappeared. He’d put the lawnmower away but left an extension lead out. It resembled a ball of tangled wool.

‘What happened to the extension lead?’ I asked incredulously.

‘I haven’t the faintest idea,’ my husband scratched his head. ‘It somehow got all knotted up.’

Like many husbands, mine does one job but makes another. Fifteen minutes later I’d sorted out the extension lead and put it away in the garage. And that was when I discovered all the bags of grass cuttings dumped on my little ornamental wheelbarrow. I lifted the heavy bags off to find the wheelbarrow – awaiting a tray of seedlings to bloom – quite broken.

My husband runs a company, is logical about money, wise about our kids’ teenage tantrums and rarely loses his temper. It never fails to amaze me how some people can be so good at certain things, and...well...not so good at other things. I’m not the cleverest of people, but like to think I’m practical – that what I lack in brain power I make up for in common sense. I tried not to let irritation get the better of me, took a deep breath, told myself the extension lead was useable again and possibly the wheelbarrow could be repaired. At least it wasn’t like the time when my hubby had taken a video tape from my bedside drawer and used it to record a football match. And erased every single filmed memory of the children growing up. Feeling a bit more soothed, I walked past the lawn and stared in amazement. Yes, quite moth eaten.

I decided to go in and make a cup of tea. The door to the kitchen had been left open as it was such a beautiful day. I stepped into the kitchen and encountered my dog, an awful lot of mud and several flower bulbs. Turning on my heel I went back to the flowerbed I’d not long since finished working on. Yes, completely dug over by my pooch with bulbs all over the place.

Gardens are lovely places but, like new romances and long marriages, not necessarily Paradise. I sighed and went back to the kitchen to make my cuppa...

About the Book
Flings and Arrows

Book Details:
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: March 6, 2012
Format: Paperback & ebook
Pages: 309
Price: $15.46 paperback, $4.99 ebook
Buy Links:
Lulu, Kindle

Steph Garvey has been married to husband Si for 24 years. Steph thought they were soulmates. Until recently. Surely one’s soulmate shouldn’t put Chelsea FC before her? Or boycott caressing her to fondle the remote control? Fed up, Steph uses her Tesco staff discount to buy a laptop. Her friends all talk about Facebook. It’s time to get networking.

Si is worried about middle-age spread and money. Being a self-employed plumber isn’t easy in recession. He’s also aware things aren’t right with Steph. But Si has forgotten the art of romance. Although these days Steph prefers cuddling her laptop to him. Then Si’s luck changes work wise. A mate invites Si to partner up on a pub refurbishment contract.

Son Tom has finished Sixth Form. Tom knows where he’s going regarding a career. He’s not quite so sure where he’s going regarding women and lurches from one frantic love affair to the next.

Widowed neighbour June adores the Garveys as if her own kin. And although 70, she’s still up for romance. June thinks she’s struck gold when she meets salsa squeeze Harry. He has a big house and bigger pension – key factors when you’ve survived a winter using your dog as a hot water bottle. June is vaguely aware that she’s attracted the attention of fellow dog walker Arnold, but her eyes are firmly on Harry as ‘the catch’.

But then Cupid’s arrow misfires causing madness and mayhem. Steph rekindles a childhood crush with Barry Hastings; Si unwittingly finds himself being seduced by barmaid Dawn; June discovers Harry is more than hot to trot; and Tom's latest strumpet impacts on all of them. Will Cupid's arrow strike again and, more importantly, strike correctly? There's only one way to find out....

About the Author
Debbie Viggiano

I have written for as long as I can remember. From pages and pages of diarised angst as a teenager, through to short stories for my children and ultimately writing novels. I'm at my happiest when creating characters and playing God to their fictitious lives. I write most evenings. As a result I never watch television, can't hold a decent conversation about the soaps or Simon Cowell on American Idol, and burn the midnight candle long after everybody else has gone to bed. This plays havoc with one's sex life but whilst I still have a passion for my husband, I am mistress to the written word. My long-suffering husband took up with his own mistress by way of revenge - she's called 'Golf'. In exchange for him tolerating my keyboard caresses, I put up with him stroking woods and irons and getting terribly excited about bogeys. Together we have three stroppy teenagers and a devoted dog who never plays loud music or bangs doors.

Connect with Debbie
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  2. I don't need to be in the hat but I just want to say 'Flings and Arrows' is a superb read. One of my favourites of 2012 so far. The other one is Debbie Viggiano's other book, Stockings and Cellulite.

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