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Andrew Hessel - The Do-Over - Guest Post

My thanks to Andrew Hessel for stopping by Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways for a guest post about his book, The Do-Over.

Guest Post

As a writer, I’ve always believed the best stories seem to have two things in common:  The characters reveal the tale, and as they do the story takes on a life of its own.  Last year, after completing a crime-thriller trilogy, I understood this intimately.  I love those books and plan on revisiting the characters that have more stories to tell, but I’ve always been a genre-inclusive reader and demanded similar freedom and scope as a writer. 

THE DO-OVER is novel of hope, love and second chances, and admittedly, a departure from my earlier novels.  Genre-defiant, too, so I’ll call it a crime thriller-love story with dash of fantasy and a sprinkle of sci-fi. 

While that’s not exactly right, it’s not all wrong, either.

I wrote it because the world seems so dark at times, I thought a little piercing-of-the-gloom couldn’t hurt.  And I was looking to explore the emotional conundrum that is love and hope, despair and redemption.

So, Cups Drayton, my hard-boiled yet tender hearted cop hero, steps aside for Kiki Kinsler, a twenty-one year-old college girl whose world is upended by unspeakable tragedy at the hands at an accidental monster, a victim himself.  When all appears lost, she’s given the improbable, impossible gift of a chance to undo the horror, and correct it

We all dream of a second chance, but the question is how far would you go for yours?

But Kiki’s miraculous gift won’t come easily. To reclaim her future, she must first correct the injustices of the past. 

In doing so, Kiki learns that home is more than a place, it is also a time, and she must confront the parallel challenges of life and love, past and present, in a love story with a foot in each world, 2012 and 1981.

I love The Do-Over, and I’m fiercely proud of my crime thrillers.  The pages turn and the characters are real and memorable.  The bad guys incomprehensively bad and the good guys heroic but with feet of clay.  The characters of The Do-Over are human in a way that moves me still. My goal was a novel readers felt glad to have to read and eager to pass along.  I couldn’t be more surprised – or delighted – by the love story that evolved.

The final verdict, and of course the one that matters most, comes from readers.  Happily, I’m hearing that they find themselves thinking about the book long after the pages have stopped turning, and turn they do.  A writer can’t ask for more than that. 

I hope you enjoy The Do-Over and invite your comments.

About the Book

Kimberly Ann “Kiki” Kinsler is a twenty-one year-old college student excited to be returning home to Portland, Oregon for summer break and eager to see her family.

Instead of the happy homecoming that she anticipates, Kiki’s world is upended by an unimaginable tragedy.  Her parents and younger sister are dead, victims of Little Mo Biggs, a tragically accidental monster, himself a victim of profound parental neglect and abuse.

Kiki is also attacked and hospitalized but survives.

In the hospital, when all appears lost, she is given an opportunity to wipe away the nightmare, to un-do it, and correct the senseless tragedy. 

A second chance, a wonderful, improbable, and miraculous gift, that doesn’t come easily.

To reclaim her future, Kiki must first correct the injustices of Little Mo’s past, which only can be corrected at the root

In doing so, she learns that home is more than a place, it is also a time, and must confront the parallel challenges of life and love, past and present, in a love story with a foot in each world, 2012 and 1981.

The Do-Over is a novel of hope, love and second chances.

We all dream of a second chance.

The question is how far would you go for yours?

Formats: Paperback, ebook
Price: $9.00 paperback, $2.99 ebook
Pages: 285
Genres: Thriller, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Release Date: April 22, 2012
Publisher: Old Dog Publishing, LLC
Buy Links: Amazon, Kindle,

About the Author

Five years ago, after all the fun I could stand in the corporate world, I decided to do what I’d always loved best.  Four novels later, it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had.  It’s lucky to love what you do as I do, and that the power and the beauty of words can amaze me more every day.

Always an insatiable reader of fiction and awed by much of it, my FB Author page lists a few favorites.  My blog features an occasional post on recent reads, along with posts that are more rants and rambles, so, reader beware.

As a reader, nothing beats the pages turning, except running into great writing as they do.

As a writer, my mission is page-turning stories with events involving characters you’ll remember and care about.  Fair warning, some you will love, and for others hate may not go far enough. The stories are Oregon-based, but venture all over.

Lynne and I are transplanted Midwesterners (Chicago and St. Louis) living happily in Portland, Oregon for what seems like always now.  We have four wonderful children, five delightful-if-exhausting grandchildren, and an old black lab that turns thirteen next month.  Mac is the dog of my life, a medical miracle and one of the world most expensive man’s best friends.

It was a no-brainer to name the publishing company in his honor, as he inspired one of the characters, as well as the title of The Old Dog’s New Trick, the second book in the Cups Drayton Series, and graces the cover.

What’s next?   I have fingers in two pies, a new Cups story and a sequel to The Do-Over, the first book in the Kiki Kinsler Series.  Cups and Kiki will decide.  Before long, one of them will command immediate and complete attention.

You can learn about the books, the blog, Old Dog Publishing, and me, at the website, and I’ll thank you in advance if you stop by

Thanks for reading.  May the pages turn and deprive you of sleep.

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