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Tara Fox Hall - Shadow Man (Lash series #2) - Author Interview & Giveaway

Author Interview 

1. How did you come up with the title?
I decided on Shadow Man after writing the following passages: Being a guest of honor, Devlin hung out for a while, with me as his shadow to make sure no one tried anything.


It was a long, long night. I was tired, and I kept seeing my dead sister’s face flash before me, telling she was leaving, about how she couldn’t live in my shadow anymore. I felt guiltier and guiltier about how her life had been lived, because it had been in the shadows, specifically my shadow, the shadow of death, and murder, and being hunted.

The phase “shadow man” has a two-fold meaning. The first to make reference to Lash’s line of work as an assassin and bodyguard. He is someone that shadows both those he is trying to protect, and those he is hired to kill. The second reference is to Lash’s own wide shadow he casts of murder, death, and tragedy to all who know him. Relatives, business associates, and friends of Lash come to grief in Shadow Man because they associate with and/or care about Lash, or he cares about them. Even those who are innocent when they meet Lash—such as street boy he nicknames Spiderboy—fall under his shadow and are affected by his lack of morals, his brutal code of life, and his aptitude for violence.

2. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
See above question for the main message. But there are also other many other themes that run through my Lash Series: being an outsider, discrimination, the benefits and drawbacks of family loyalty, evil begetting evil, and the lengths a person will go to in order to protect someone they love. The protagonist, Trystan, initially becomes Lash because he sees no other way to save his loved ones or himself. His actions to protect his loved ones drive the book, and change the course of his life, putting him on the path to infamy. When you have everything in your life reinforcing the worst in you, it’s a hard not to succumb.

3. How much of the book is realistic?
I did research into the time period in which the book was set, trying to find slang for the 30’s, memorable events, inventions, and other historical aspects. The mention of The Hindenburg, Scotch tape, and Lash’s phrases like “Go screw” rather than “Screw yourself” are factual and accurate for the time period. I wrote this series as a drama work first. It’s a genre book only because I love supernatural characters. Take away the supernatural aspects, and you still have a hell of a good story.

4. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

5. What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Getting some time to myself where no one is bothering me is and remains the hardest part of writing. I love to write, but right now, there is little money in it, which means my day job comes first. I also have to take care of my family, and meet various charity commitments, which leaves little time for writing. I will be taking a hiatus from promotion in the first half of 2013 to work more on my Lash Series.

6. Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I learned that I loved history more than I realized. Historical fiction will remain a genre I will write in for a long time to come.

7. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
This answer is a long, long story. Here is a short version.

I was in 6th grade, and a teacher asked us to write a poem, giving us several parameters. I looked at the piece of the paper and began writing my first scary work. The teacher read it to the class as an example of a good effort. I was so proud of myself. It was called The Abandoned Town, a scary description of a ghost town. I continued writing poetry until 2007. I also wrote nature stories beginning in 2003, detailing wildlife rescues in articles for a friend’s small paper magazine. I always wanted to write a book, but never seemed to find the time to sit down and write more than a page short story, at the most. Then, in 2007, my mom got sick, visited her doctor, and the doctor told her she had cancer. The diagnosis was she had a year to live, max. I began my first book, Promise Me, that night. I did nothing else but write it, revise, and write sequels for it the next six months. My mother didn’t find out she had been misdiagnosed for several months, and it took her another four months to get completely well. By that time, I had four double length books finished, so I decided to submit them to a friend of my husband who was an editor. She said they were interesting, but needed a lot more work. So I began rewriting and revising. Five years later, Promise Me published.

8. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
I get asked this a lot and the truth is I don’t have a favorite author. Really. I have read many, many authors over the years, horror, action, romantic suspense, and otherwise. I think the scariest novel I ever read was Dan Simmons Summer of Night. I’ve reread it at least 5 times already, and plan to reread it again. I also like Tolkien. I’ve read his The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings at least 3-4 times. I grew up watching the animated versions, which made me want to read the books.

9. Tell us your latest news.
I had a ton of releases this fall. Beau to Beau books released two 99cent novellas, Grow a Pair (transgender romance) and The Chalet (gothic supernatural romance), and a third, Snake Eyes, a collaboration with Paul Deadeye Dick involving Lash, should be out soon.

Melange Books released three books in print and e-book. The first was Bedtime Shadows, my short story horror and romance anthology with my fellow author Jenny Twist. The second was Broken Promise, the second book in the paranormal romance Promise Me Series. The third was Make Me Behave, an erotic domestic discipline anthology with fellow author Nancy Pirri. The third Promise Me series book, Taken in the Night, will release late January 2013.

Bradley Publishing released Shadow Man late October 2012. The third Lash book, War, will be out hopefully late next spring.

I was also involved in two charity anthologies: Wild at Heart Vol II, YA romance to benefit the Turpentine Animal Sanctuary, and Fear Vol I, benefiting Doctors without Borders. I was also involved in A Quick Bite of Flesh, a zombie anthology from Hazardous Press that launched this past October.

Rounding out the publishing are my online children’s stories The Perfect Dog and A Tree’s Dream. They are available free of charge on A third story, The Present People, will launch this December.

10. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for reading, and happy holidays to you and yours!

About the Book

When a renegade vampire begins amassing followers, threatening America’s vampire hierarchy, weresnake Lash partners with old enemies and new allies to annihilate them. Betrayed and left for dead, Lash reemerges the victor, catching the eye of the sultry nightclub singer Cassandra Nile, even as enemies close in from every side.

Prices/Formats: $14.99 paperback, $4.99 ebook
Genre: Paranormal - Action - Adventure
Pages: 410
Publisher: Bradley Publishing
Release Date: October 2012
Buy Links: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Bradley Publishing, Barnes And Noble

About the Author

Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, horror, suspense, action-adventure, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. She is the author of the paranormal action-adventure Lash series and the vampire romantic suspense Promise Meseries. Tara divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.

Links to connect with Tara:
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Tara also runs a monthly contest on her website where one lucky winner will win any of her latest release in eBook form. To take part email her to join her mailing list.

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