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Luca Pesaro - Zero Alternative - Review & Giveaway

About the Book

“Sometimes you must destroy first.”

To stay alive, Scott Walker must bring down a corrupt international bank. And possibly shatter the world’s economy. Because finance is a black hole ready to chew up countries and people before spitting them out rich, or broken. Or both.

Framed. Hunted. In love with a woman he can’t trust. As he hides from hitmen across Europe, Walker has only one card to play – DeepShare. A silicon oracle that could predict a slice of the future, and that everyone wants. Governments and insane billionaires, criminals and anarchist hackers stand in his way, some even promising help – though with dangerous strings attached.

As Walker struggles to survive and digs deeper into the dark heart of the global economy, one question torments him: how much will the world have to pay?

Zero Alternative is an action-packed conspiracy thriller that plucks at the heart of human nature. When our grip on love, hope and morality starts to slide, the only future worth living is the one we choose for ourselves.

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My Review

What if you were too good at your job? Investment banker Scott Walker just made $68 million in one day, and he could care less. To him, it's only a number on a computer screen. It doesn't feel real to him, even if he knows how to make a killing while everyone else is losing their shirt. The reason he's able to stay ahead of the curve is thanks to DeepShare, an innovative computer program that's able to predict world events with pinpoint accuracy. It scans and analyzes voluminous amounts of data quickly and efficiently, and needless to say, everyone wants it.

And those in power will do whatever it takes to get it, including torturing and murdering Scott's friends.  Once a long shot candidate wins the election to become the next Italian prime minister, world markets start to panic when it's suspected that the euro might be replaced as the nation's currency. The only one who saw this coming was Scott Walker, and those who are aware of DeepShare's technological capabilities are coming after him. To Scott, it seems like he's being tracked by a group of nameless, faceless thugs, but to the ever mysterious Layla they're just her employers.

While Scott is all polish and sophistication, Layla is a girl off the Mexican streets who clawed her way through the ranks of organized crime on a global scale. When their paths cross in a set-up at a high end gentlemen's club, Layla, playing the role of an exotic dancer, takes pity on Scott and decides to help him escape those who are hunting him. He doesn't know if he should trust her, but he can't resist his attraction to her, either. Through knife wounds and car chases they make their way from London to Los Angeles dodging through checkpoints with forged passports and hiding out in rustic locales far off the grid.

Their romance is complicated because every time Scott starts to lower his guard, Layla reveals things about herself that make him keep her at arm's length. She doesn't tell him everything she knows all at once. Instead, she feeds him information in dribs and drabs whenever it best suits her agenda and that of the client she is working for. She hates herself for deceiving him, but when it comes to love versus survival, she chooses her job every time.

The consequences of DeepShare getting into the wrong hands are too astronomical to ignore. Markets could crumble. Governments could falter. Currencies could collapse. And despite all he's done to manipulate events to his advantage in the past, Scott feels a responsibility to prevent this well-funded, yet devious group, from taking control. He refuses to stand back and let them reduce the current world order to chaos. He's determined to avenge the deaths of his friends and make those responsible pay for what they did, even if he's not alive to see it.

It's a pulse-pounding look at the seedy side of international finance, showing exactly what living the high life really entails. Adrenaline inducing trades. Alcohol fueled, uninhibited partying. Heart stopping buying and selling. Jordan Belfort has nothing on Scott "Yours" Walker, whose very name shows how he was willing to do anyone's bidding in order to get ahead. But this time, he might've met his match because those who are running the show no longer want his influence, they just want him dead.


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Formats: $5.99 ebook, $16.80 paperback
Pages: 269
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Release: April 25, 2014
Publisher: Three Hares Publishing
ISBN: 9781910153086
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About the Author

Luca Pesaro was born in Italy in the early seventies, but has spent most of his adult life in the US or UK. After long years gaining a degree and masters in the pseudo-science that is Economics he got bored, jumped the gun and became a derivatives trader in financial markets with several investment banks. Now reformed, he is writing full-time.

Zero Alternative is his first novel, and he is hard at work on his second thriller.

He lives in London, is married to an awesome Italian lady and has two children who always manage to annoy, surprise and delight beyond any reasonable expectation.

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