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DJ Wilson - Ride to Restoration - Review & Giveaway

About the Book

In this second book, D learns that paying it forward is not without costs, toss in Candi Parker, the girl of D’s dreams gone rogue, along with vivacious Victoria Lawson, attorney at law, who willingly steps in to fill Candi’s thong, and D’s hilarious misadventures continue across Canada. Reality sets in and the bullets begin to fly just two days after he returns to the states.

D sends Victoria away to keep her out of harm’s way, before tackling his real life demons, aka A.J. Standford, the Ponzi scheming banker who has a bounty on D’s head, and Candi’s extended family, the Gambinos, who will profit from his demise.

The romantic side of the story poses multiple questions: Will D settle for Victoria after being royally screwed by Candi or will his feelings for Candi propel him back into her life and the crime family’s ongoing chaos? Will Candi take back her sleazy ex-husband Joseph or will she somehow manage to break with her powerful family and come crawling back to D’s loving arms?

With all of this going on, there’s bound to be hell to pay sooner rather than later. Like momma always said, “When you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.”

My Review

There are many words of wisdom scattered throughout DJ Wilson's RIDE TO RESTORATION.

"Choose substance over style."

"To have a friend, you have to be a friend."

"The newness is gone along with the thrill of the chase."

"Our lives reflect the decisions we make."

"Look beyond that which disappoints you."

"Our minds are constantly at war with our past."

"Circumstances change, forcing people to change."

These little tidbits are meaningful in of themselves, but they combine to form a powerful whole. Wilson has a deft touch for infusing his fiction with life lessons that can benefit anyone. No matter where a person's at in life, they resonate beneath the surface of the story, making it that much richer.

Sure, the novel revolves around D and the women on the back of his motorcycle, but as a character he's also a biker philosopher, a deep thinker endlessly searching for inner peace and unconditional love. He's made a lot mistakes, having to start over one too many times, making him feel like he's alone in the world, drifting along in a sea of users and hypocrites.

But it doesn't dim his optimism any. He still believes in doing the right thing and championing people in need from terminally ill children to emotionally scarred war vets. He has an overwhelming desire to make the world a better place. Oftentimes, he gets frustrated when the people around him don't live up to their potential. He gives a lot because he expects a lot in return, not in terms of a monetary value or material goods, but an exchange of the heart, a union of spirits.

That Woodstock feel good mentality extends to everyone D comes in contact with. He may be naive. He may often get duped, but he's willing to give people a chance, no matter how many times he gets burned. His ex-wife leaves him after twenty plus years of marriage. His new girlfriend steals from him and takes off. He can be a bit of a sap when it comes to women, but it doesn't stop him from reaching out to members of the female variety who happen to catch his eye. He always goes in to each new relationship with the hope that maybe this time, this one will be the one for him, that kindred spirit he's been dreaming of.

His fortune cookie style of wisdom is simply stated, but it's backed by hard won experience. He's well aware of what it's like to end up on the short end of the stick, and he'd never knowingly do that to someone else. He wants to give everyone a fair shake, considering it his sacred duty as a human being. Of course, if a person dares to cross him by endangering someone he cares about, then all bets are off. He'll defend those he loves tooth and nail, right to the end, his loyalty knowing no bounds.

D's a lover and a fighter, but that's what makes him interesting. He tries to reconcile the two sides of himself and make them into a solid individual, but at times he struggles living up to the image he has of himself, breaking down at unexpected moments when he starts to lament his past. It's only when he sets his mind firmly on the future that he's able to move past his feelings of unworthiness and rejection and grab life by the handlebars. As a biker, forward motion is where he's most comfortable, when he forgets to look in the rearview mirror and focuses solely on the road ahead.

It's no wonder his signature line is, "Let's ride!"


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Pages: 318
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release: July 16, 2014
Publisher: Riscatto Publishing
ISBN: 9781604148022
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About the Author

Raised in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, I graduated from Cumberland University, located in a small town you've never heard just inside Kentucky quite a few years ago. At the present, we're living beside beautiful Dale Hollow Lake.

Blessed to travel, blessed with health, blessed with second chances, too numerous to list here.

As a blogger, featured on many sites, including the Huffington Post, I have been humbled beyond measure, more times than not, by all that life has thrown our way.

Successful, that's me, catastrophic failure, that's me too. We've been there, done that and have the life changing scars to prove it.

Our writings reflect life through the throes of heartache and loss, as well as through the joys redemption brings.

"Life is not waiting for the Storms to Pass, It's Learning to Dance in the Rain."

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