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A. Keith Carreiro - The Penitent: Part II - Review & Giveaway

About the Book

Hidden in the bottom of a roadside ditch as a baby, Evangel is only steps away from her viciously murdered parents. An old hermit finds her there a day later and takes her to his home in the heart of a sylvan wilderness. She is raised in a hermitage built by Matthew where he learns she is touched by a rare spiritual power. 17 years later a series of miracles occur that rock the very nature of her reality. Befriended by outlaws and a king’s champion, she is also betrayed by a woman of the cloth during a bard of the realm’s performance. That night, in a dream, Evangel envisions her future soul mate, Pall Warren, on a battlefield of death, and casts a prayer of protection around him. Thus begins a remarkable journey to save herself and those who believe in her. A hauntingly beautiful and startling tale of wonder.

My Review

The nature of duality always makes things interesting.

In this case, can a young girl really save a deeply troubled man? Well, let's say, she tries.

When Tabard meets Evangel all of the classic conflicts come into play: innocence versus experience, femininity versus masculinity, light versus darkness. Not to mention, the violence and utter brutality he inflicts on her family definitely does not make him a hero. In fact, a character so repulsive seems well beyond the bounds of ever achieving likability.

Yet somehow she manages to redeem him by rising above it all—by forgiving him.

Bewildered, people ask her flat out, "You're friends with him and not mortal enemies? How's that possible?"

Her response? "Perhaps the burden of what has befallen [him] should be borne by both of us."

Now that's a powerful statement.

She knows that seeking revenge will only end up killing the goodness inside her. Emotionally, she's strong enough to break the cycle of hatred. She's not allowing his pain to extend any farther than it already has. She's putting an end to it right here, right now.

But it's a process. Complete healing doesn't happen overnight. Tabard is very much a work in progress. Being good doesn't come easy for him as "he kept brooding over this newly perceived awakening from the darkness he had so long inhabited. He views the change in himself "as a weakness, a vulnerability that seemed distasteful to him."

So it's not surprising when it's not long before he's lured off course. Symbolically, he even falls three times, "as though he was still drunk, drugged, damaged." Evangel certainly has her work cut out for her. He's literally in a struggle over the peace of his soul, and when he comes back to her looking "aged, careworn and beyond weary," she fears that she's failed him, that he may very well be beyond her reach.

Yet she doesn't give up on him. Bravely, she continues to battle his double mindedness until it feels like it's suffocating her. She takes on his emotions becoming fearful, angry, lonely herself. Yet she's willing to do anything in her power so that his spirit can become a little less filled with fear.

In order to keep her bearings she clings to God, trying not to let her doubts overtake her, wondering again and again why her prayers for Tabard keep going unanswered.

Until her wise, old grandfather gives her some pertinent advice, "Your prayers may have saved him from an even greater plight had he continued on the soul's journey he was electing to take. Don't be mad at yourself. He is who he is supposed to be."

But is that enough for her…will he ever be the man she wants him to be? That's the question.


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Release: May 15, 2017
Publisher: Copper Beech Press
ISBN: 9780997382716
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About the Author

A. Keith Carreiro earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from Harvard Graduate School of Education, with the sequential help and guidance of three advisors, Dr. Vernon A. Howard, Dr. Donald Oliver and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Israel Scheffler. Keith’s academic focus, including his ongoing research agenda, centers upon philosophically examining how creativity and critical thinking are acquired, learned, utilized and practiced in the performing arts. He has taken his findings and applied them to the professional development of educational practitioners.

Earlier in his teaching career he was a professor of educational foundations, teaching graduate students of education at universities in Vermont, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. He currently teaches as an adjunct professor of English at Bridgewater State University, as well as teaching English, philosophy, humanities and public speaking courses at Bristol Community College.

He lives in Swansea, Massachusetts. He has six children and 13 grandchildren. He belongs to an eighty–five–pound golden retriever, an eight–pound Maltese, and an impish Calico cat.

Due to his love of family, he has seen his fervor for history, as well as his passion for wondering about the future, deepen dramatically.

Starting on May 23rd until October 9th of 2014, he sat down at his computer on a daily basis and began writing the first book of a science fiction/fantasy thriller in a beginning series about the quest for human immortality.

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  1. To be honest, I am not the reader but look for books both my sisters and 2 of my daughters would enjoy reading. I think one of my sisters would really enjoy this read.

    1. Thanks James. I hope they get a chance to read Keith's series.

  2. Thank you for reviewing this story of Evangel and those who surround her on her journey. You have been the only reviewer to write about Tabard and the impact Evangel has on him, as well as the influence he has upon her.

    1. My pleasure, Keith. I can't wait to read the next one.

  3. This one reads as a stand-alone book, so if you have not read the first one you will be pulled in from the very first page. I had not heard of this author before. I will definitely recommend this book to others